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General Jack Oneill tagSGC = Rank 26 for activity! Great job everyone :) Lots of orgs out there and great to see the activity! Keep it up!
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P3G4SuSuOuT tagdont upset you cabbie :)
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M1A2K tagtag
'No Man's Sky': Steam, Sony, And Amazon Begin Issuing Refund...
Gaming Hello Games' woes with No Man's Sky for PC continues to bother gamers as well as its developers. In the meantime, Game Revolution reports that Steam has quietly started acce...
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ZombiePotatoSalad tag  Yeah, I got it, tried it, refuinded it. I was originally excited, but it felt kinda shallow. My PC quite handily exceeded the minimum specs, yet it still hung up when I tried to land. It got to the point where simply turning to look in another direction caused a solid 5 seconds of lag.
Specialist tag  bahahah....biggest disappointment of 2016 hands down and now its official...
phyankord tag  biggest dissapointment since arkham knight release state.
General Jack Oneill tagGreat 2.5 keyboard list for those that one to print it off:
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Ethan Hunt tag  Thanks Oneill. These are really good.
General Jack Oneill tag  They are nice! I also added this to our Forums>Guides
Ethan Hunt tagThe TeamSpeak vs Discord discussion is growing. Thank you everyone for your input. Keep it coming. We'll wait at least another week before we send out an initial poll. Link to the discussion thread on the left side of this web page.
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P3G4SuSuOuT tagwow i just seen... the Stargate kitty is getting quite large lol..... what you thinking of buying??? Chris Roberts? ;)
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P3G4SuSuOuT tag  lol it would cost a fortune to set that one up hehehe
Ethan Hunt tag  How about another Idris?
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  or maybe something we can use to make money in the verse
Ethan Hunt tagWe had a member donate a Starfarer Gemini to the hanger trust. This member wants to remain anonymous. Thank you for your generosity! These ships are dedicated to the organization and will be used to help us build. Check out the SGC Hanger Trust under the quick links.
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Eli Wallace tag  Next up - Endeavor Master Set LTI
General Jack Oneill tag  Reach out to me if interested in donating ships of any kind...
Heyoka tagtag  o7 anon.
Specialist tag  registered to Stargate Command
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Marking_Playtime™ tag  Welcome to Stargate Command!
Heyoka tagtag  Greetings Starfighter
Ethan Hunt tag  Welcome Specialist!
Ethan Hunt tagWe will be hosting an organization vote on the issue of Teamspeak vs. Discord soon. Please try out both and provide your feedback and comments in the forum at the link provided. Let's all be willing to honestly assess the pros and cons, then let's allow our organization to choose as a group. Try to be open minded, this will not be an arbitrary decision.
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P3G4SuSuOuT tag  it might be wiser to hold off on any decisions about which to use until we see what SC will be offering, maybe they will go down the route i was thinking in previous messages about this stuff.
CommanderRick56 tag  I second that. Maybe a longer trial of both systems and to see what CIG will do will help us make a better decision.
Marking_Playtime™ tag  I can see that taking months. We can always reassess the situation once we know what they can offer.
P3G4SuSuOuT taglol i thought o £45 for a sq42 hoddie nice i'll have one..... then when it changed to the uk it went up to $70.80 because of our f'kin import taxes £54 i cant really justify so no hoodie for me :(
phyankord tag  :d
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  :( americans are soooooo lucky
phyankord tag  luck is relative my friend.
P3G4SuSuOuT tagthe broke my 300i man :( no missle launcher hard points :(
Magraff tagLatest component stats for 2.5.0...
sc component data 2.5.0
info sc alpha 2. 5. 0 component data 2. 5. 0- 393743, http:// starcitizendb. com These spreadsheets contain attributes and parameters for Star Citizen ships and components Note tha...
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Heyoka tagtagJump Point year 2 hard copy shipped today. Woho!
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Magraff tag  Noice.
phyankord tagm7a size 5 cannon looks nice. biggest weapon they have dropped so far.
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Magraff tag  Just picked up a set. Looking forward to trying them out on the connie!
General Jack Oneill tagSGC is currently rank 56 for activity! Great job everyone!! Keep up the great momentum. If you haven't logged in for a time, drop into Discord or Teamspeak and start playing now!!
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