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Eli Wallace tagSpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
Uploaded by SpaceX on 2016-09-27.
Syrez tagStarted working on a Star Citizen themed song last night, the theme is based on the Vanduul (specifically, a human pilot who's getting his backside handed to him by the Vanduul).
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Rixxy123 tagtagCurrently taking a Star Citizen break - other games are currently taking priority. I'll keep an eye on the website every so often. I'm on steam too at Rixxy123
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Ethan Hunt tag  2.6 should drop soon, Rixxy.
Rixxy123 tagtag  Yeah, I have it on RSS so I'll be down once SC 2.6 arrives
Magraff tag  Catch you in 2.6 Rixxy, hope you have a good break!
Spec tagI ride the wave.
Star Citizen - PU 2.5: Starfarer Surfing
Uploaded by Specter O on 2016-09-25.
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General Jack Oneill tag  Very Nice.
Spec tagHeyoka rides the wave
Star Citizen - PU 2.5: Starfarer Surfing2 Ride The Wave
Uploaded by Specter O on 2016-09-25.
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Eli Wallace tag[link]
Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition
Ozma Records is raising funds for Voyager Golden Record: 40t...
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phyankord tagjust got back from S&R training event. had fun legs froze overnight because of no sleeping bag, time to eat and crash.
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P3G4SuSuOuT tagAfter watching TFTC-SE and then voting for the adobe competition for the starmap, i came across this which goes with an idea i have had concerning character creation in SC. They were not keen on people using home webcams and such to scan their faces to put into game due top light sources, image resolution etc. My idea is to use something like in this demo (the alice one linked) to scan the face even with a normal crappy webcam and then have the image of your face broken up by the game software to mix and match the art assets (eyes, noses, lips etc) to generate our faces, or as close as they can, with the images the camera is detecting. this would enable us to have the full quality visuals from the face scanning and art teams without the limitations and other issue caused by a Do-it-yourself scan. What do you think? If maybe good idea i could get this to CIG for their consideration.
Alice Wonder Mirror D23 Installation - The FWA
Augmented reality installation transforming users, via face-tracking with digital makeup and 3D assets, into a beloved character from Alice in Wonderland.
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  oh well nvm :) guess it wasn't that good an idea... I'll just have to keep thinking then
Bad_Doc_Brewdy tag  One feature, Chris Roberts said way back in early Wingman Hanger days he was looking into was to have your webcam pick up your face gestures live and they will be on your avatar.
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  that was more to do with the movement of your mouth so that your avatar in game spoke when you did.... this is for making your avatar look like you using their assets at their quality so it wouldn't look crap with all the rest looking good (which is what he didn't want), but yes i remember what you are referring to.
Eli Wallace tag[link]
Inside the Troubled Development of Star Citizen
For the past seven months, I've been talking to the people who have been making . This includes its directors, a number of anonymous sources who've worked on it, and the man who dr...
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spartan-nylen tag  so by "the main game" do they mean the single player or the multiplayer?
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  seems to be a few inaccuracies
Ethan Hunt tag  All perspective. It is ambitious, there will be problems, but won't this be the case when breaking new ground in anything worth while? This game will be the "first" for many things, starting from how it's funded and managed through overall gaming experience. Difficult to correlate that with "knowns" since much is unknown. Frustrating at times, yes. But expected as far as I'm concerned. I'm all in.
lokar tag  registered to Stargate Command
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Ethan Hunt tag  Lokar has been with us since May. I like the new avatar!
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  hmmm there seem to be a few who are re-registering something wrong with the info holder? welcome back again anyway :)
General Jack Oneill tagSGC Operation in 30 minutes! Drop into Teamspeak and join should be a good one!
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General Jack Oneill tag  Thank you everyone that attended and took part in the event! I encourage everyone available to join Sinjo and Specialist tomorrow night for another great op!!
Specialist tagtag  Sounded like it went great! Well done both of you guys , Sorry I couldn't make it
phyankord tag  your name is sparkling O.O
SeldomSabel tagHey oh aaa a wonderful SGC member made this.... Whats your thoughts
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phyankord tag  furries creep me out
Rixxy123 tagtag  The cat sounds like he's got a really bad case of hemorrhoids. The CGI of the animals is ok, but that cat really freaks me out.
Oni tagHey guys, back from my last deployment for the next few years, and boy am I ready to get in the sky!
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Marking_Playtime™ tag  Welcome back Oni!
Ethan Hunt tag  join us tonight if you can
CommanderRick56 tag  Welcome back!

There is a Training Op in about an hour and a half and another one tomorrow.

Be sure to check the calendar for events!
P3G4SuSuOuT tagI just found out my dog Butler died this morning at 10:30. He was 21 and half years old. RIP my best friend. :(
Rixxy123 tagtag  Jeez, sry to hear that Peg. It sounds like he lived a long and happy life
P3G4SuSuOuT tag  cheers guys, he did ok tho, good old age
Heyoka tag  May he find his way to the happy hunting grounds.
Inoa tag  registered to Stargate Command
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SeldomSabel tag  Welcome to the SGC!
Stubur50 tag  Welcome
Heyoka tag  Greetings Starfighter
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